I will not be using AWOGS anymore for my shields. I am in the process of trying out a new material that is similar.

I have been very busy with shields especially over the holidays. Im also in the process of redesigning the website. I have many things to add in. I will be adding pictures of the newest shields shortly.

The Before and After shots of this Leather Helmet Refurbishing Project. Went from standard painted helmet to dyed red and polished eagle mount.
I have finally gotten around to some page updates...updated The Registry List and added some pictures. Thanks to EVERYONE who has ordered a shield from me...I love making them!

This is what I like to see...I like to see your shields in action feel free to send me pictures of yourshields when they are in service

Leather Helmet Dying

10 Year old leather N6A stripped and dyed.
$100 + any new hardware purchased (shield holder, bourkes, etc.)
REFLECTIVE NUMBERS! I am now making reflective numbers mindful right now they will only come in "white." As seen below, there is a carved leather shield with numbers stitched to the front (38) and the other is a standard size with passport and recessed numbers (16).

If you want to have a combination of the "layered" shield plus the "carved leather," here you go! The shields below both sold for $50 (normally $60, but both recieved the $10 discount - once I have received 10 orders from your department, all subsequent orders from members of your department will recieve the discount on all shields)

I no longer use the internal wire frame to help keep the curve of the shield. Mounted on the back side of the shields is a strong metal bracket, much stronger than the wire, and looks good to have the extra hardware.

Im currently playing with the idea of using reflective material for the numbers on the front of the shields. Im getting close to finalizing it and the option will be available soon!


 - Silent Guardian Shields -